December 5, 2017

Coach Ancelotti has confirmed he has been offered an offer to Italy

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Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that he was contacted with the offer to lead the Italian national team. So far, however, he would rather go on club level.

“Yes, the Italian federation contacted me, I’m honored that a lot of people want me to run a national team, but it’s a whole lot different from the club, and I still enjoy daily work and the opportunity to be in constant contact with the team,” said Ancelotti in the Energybet television show La Domenica Sportiva.

“I also think that the federation must first solve its problems before it ever picks up a new coach,” he added. Italy has been without a coach since November 15, when Gian Piero Ventura resigned after a failed championship round. The president of Italian football, Carlo Tavecchio, also finished.

Anselotti, eight-year-old, has been out of work since September after finishing on Bayern Munich. Speaking of his disputes with the Bayern stars was speculated. “There was a lot of talk about the players, the problem was different in the way of training Energybet methods, I’ve built you for years and I do not want to change,” Ancelotti said. “The players are waiting for 60 games, so I focus on quality rather than quantity,” he added.

Rather than an hour and a half of slow jogging, he prefers shorter training with greater intensity. “Soccer is not a slow run, I have been in football for a long time, and I know that players who play 60 games a year can not be heavily burdened because they are more prone to injuries,” said Triple Champion of the Champions League, which Bayerners criticized for they did not train Energybet enough under him.

“It is better to quit and stick to your ideals than to follow others’ ideals.” When you sit down a player, he complains about the club and he supports him, so the coach loses his face to the other players, and when the club is not a Energybet live football odds coach, it’s his death. He can no longer recover, “Ancelotti admitted.

He is now planning to gather strength until the summer when he decides for another future. “My plan is to stay calm until the end of June, when my contract with Bayern ends, and I want to respect it, then I decide what to do next,” added Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid and PSG.