April 16, 2017

Cross-country skiing: In the sprint 6th place prochazkova

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CANMORE January 23, (SITA) – Slovak representative in cross-country skiing Alena Procházková occupied in classical technique sprint at the World Cup in the Canadian resort of Banff great 6th place. It’s the second best result in his career, it was just above 1 December last year in the Finnish kuus, where she finished third. Dvadsaťtriročná banskobystričanka RUNNING qualifying 13th fastest time. In the quarterfinals then masterfully triumphed in the semi-final ended in “and” third, but over time, which would Bet365 bonus Kenya otherwise semifinal prevailed, and then forwarded to the A-final.The last one – the sixth – took place after the collision. “It was an extremely challenging race, they went in fourteen-degree frost. Alena still feels fatigued after the Tour de Ski, she was a little overwhelmed, and she had to show her performance. Immediately after the start of the final, the collision and rivals had gone away. But she has confirmed that she is one of the world’s top players. It’s a shame he does not have at least two skis. Between the semifinals and the finals, we have not already managed to store the slopes.But it’s still a great result, we have the joy of it, “said SITA coach Ján Valuška.

The victory enjoyed Slovenian Petra Majdičová – 28-year-old Zverenkyňa Slovak coach Ivana Hudáča. Silver medalist from last year’s world championships in Sapporo, Japan, reached the fifth lead in the race for the Crystal Globe, thirteenth stood on the podium. On her triumph it decided to target picture, because silver Astrid Jacobsenová crossed the finish line in the same time.A bronze in Canmore dare Justyna Kowalczyk from Poland.

At the same competition, men masterfully won Börre Näss of Norway. Twenty-five šprintérsky specialist reached trick of victories in the race SP career, first in the current season. Already in qualifying ran the fastest time, beaten him even in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Norwegians have confirmed their excellence in this an attractive discipline – was one of their first five places. Second was Ola Vigen Hattestad, was third at the finish Eldar Rönning.Slovak men sprint not start.

Results – Sprint equipment:



1st Börre Näss (NOR.) 2: 44.1 min, 2 Ola Vigen Hattestad (NOR.) + 0.5, 3. Eldar Rönning (NOR.) +1.0, 4. Anders Glörsen (NOR.) + 3,0, 5 Tor Arne Hetland (NOR.) + 4.2, 6 Nikita Krjukov (Rus.)


1st (Rank 7 total) Emil Jönsson (Sweden.) 2: 49.4 min, 2 (8) Mats Larsson (Sweden.) + 1.2 p, 3 (9) Devjaťarov Mikhail (Rus.) + 1,3, 4 (10) Öystein Pettersen (NOR.) + 6.7, 5 (11) Björn Lind (Nor.) +9.5, 6. (12) Kalle Lassila (FIN.) + 10.7



1stPetra Majdičová (SLO.) 3: 09.7 min, 2 Astrid Jacobsenová (NOR.) + 0.0, 3 Justyna Kowalczyková (POL.) + 1.8, 4 Virpi Kuitunenová (FIN.) +2, 9, 5 Pirjo Muranen (fIN.) +4.0, 6. Alena Procházková (SR) + 12.5


1st (7th place overall) Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN.) 3: 15.4 min, 2. (8) Natalia Matvejevová (Rus.) + 3.3, 3. (9) Seraina Mischolová (Switzerland.) 7.4, 4 (10) Julia Ivanovová (Rus.) +7.8, 5. (11) Naryškinová Natalia (Rus.) +12.0 6. (12) Chandra Crawfordová (CAN.) + 13.2


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