December 6, 2017

SSC Neapol – Juventus FC

By admin

Friday’s Serie A program offers two matches, and especially the other one will be a real break. It will be played in Naples, before Juventus Turin’s final match of the Champions League group. Finally, there is an expected title clash!

The fight for the title has so far led away. Now comes a little unconventional hour Betclic when both opponents go straight to each other. As it is customary, Juventus Turin wanted to reaffirm his form and to get another Scudetto. This year, however, he had a very heavy opponent, who had already managed to overtake him in the table. And now he invites him to his temple to finally humble him.

The fact that the main stars of Naples have agreed to stay before the season because they want to end the Juventus supremacy this year have already written many lines. From the Naples cabin and the whole club’s desire to win this year, the trophy has been Betclic live betting emanating from the beginning of the season and the players are also acting on the pitch according to their dreams. The Champions League is losing more than expected, but Serie A’s home scene is still fulfilling its dream.

In this (quite possibly decisive) moment, Partenope is the first place in the table. It has been a mutual co-operation, an overwhelming attack that has scored 35 goals without the injured scorer Arek Milika and is the second best in the league. But it’s not all, because Naples finally shows a winning mentality and is able to make Unibet decisions in the last few seconds by Betclic force of will. In addition to this, it is necessary to attribute the best defense to the league, which has collected only nine goals so far.

Napoli has two points for its pursuer, which is currently Inter Milan. Four of them are then splitting from Juventus, who has already settled in third place. In the past, Napoli has managed to defeat the “tradition” of winning Juventus and defeated it 3: 2. However, it was Coppa Italia and yet Juventus advanced on the first duel. Now Naples feels a chance to pay him Unibet online betting free bets back for the sums of others or third places.

And that’s more like a complete squad against Juventus. He will miss only a long-time injured Astra Milika and defender Faouzi Ghoulam. There is probably no other substitution for Arek Milik in the field. Gonzalo Higuain had already overcome criticism of his own weight or failure, but suddenly wounded. His left hand suffered a fracture, and the Argentinean sutcher might be missing. In the nomination, however, is unlike the Croatian snapshot Mandzukić.