December 14, 2017

What is baking in Pardubice? On the ice, rolls roll off the hunters

By adam5811

“I perceived it. But I do not mind, I do not care. It did not touch me. Maybe it damn dad, mom, but I do not. I’m on my way, “the Pardubice boss commented on the gesture of the fans. But such a lack of leadership is not going to be the case.

The match of Rohlík’s surname with classic Czech pastry was a motive for club fans who are dissatisfied with his performance, position in the table (currently the penultimate place) and management work. The club, which won the sportsbook bonus sixth title in 2012 and was one of the strongest in the Czech Republic, has not been economically going, but since the last triumph it has moved to the edge of the playoffs, only twice in the quarterfinals and played a play-out this spring .

“I believe the fans are unhappy. I respect them, I see.We have lost important matches, but I believe that the team is strong, “said Rohlík.” We made some changes and we will do more that will correspond to get us up. If they scream at Rohlík, let him go out, it does not matter. I respect fans, I will meet them regularly. Maybe some momentary mood. Perhaps if they saw the things that I had to deal with after the coach (Peter Draishitl), what was here in front of me, they would not have said that. But Draisaitl came to Pardubice from neighboring rival Hradec Kralove this January. September 20 was revoked after Dynamo did not get five rounds or a point and was the last bookmakers comparison in the table.The team is now lead by Vladimir Martinec, a “crisis” coach who similarly took the lead in 2005 after the departure of František Výborný and Pardubice under his title.

“The club has a lot of changes, but I think for the better . That will kick us, “defended Jan Ščotka also with support like Hynek Zohorna, Tyler Redenbach or Filip Novák. “The new boys come from another club, they have a cleaner head. Zohorna could help score goals. He is a difference hockey player, but he will pick it up. ”

But Pardubice does not have a very easy place in front of me. On Friday they play with the 12th Plzeň but on Sunday they are waiting for a duel in Litvínov and then two big favorites Třinec and Sparta.Will the gingerbreak again be on the ice or the harder rolls?